Want to Sell More? How to Lead Your Team Properly

A good sales manager comprises several people in one. They have to be a confident and decisive leader, a mentor, as well as a friend. Even if you’re selling the best, top quality product, without a good sales manager and a focused team, attaining the best results in today’s market will be impossible. Here are a few criteria, that a good, respected sales manager and team leader should meet.

1. Choosing the right team

Before potential team members come in for a job interview, draw up a set of criteria that should be met by the best candidates. Work experience is a merit but doesn’t single it out as the main requirement. First of all, a good salesperson has to have impeccable communication skills. Observe how the candidate communicates, lays out their thoughts, and tries to sell themselves. You may even simulate a sales situation: watch out for their reactions and their skills, and their ability to find a way out of the most unexpected situations.

2. Motivation and appreciation

A good sales manager not only curates their team but also inspires, motivates and encourages them. There are numerous ways and opportunities to do that, so feel free to try out different techniques. It could be morning meetings, lunch meetings, or evening wrap-ups. Studies show that incentives help employees work faster, and more efficiently and produce higher quality results.

Try holding individual meetings with each team member – consult them and show them that you value their work and dedication to the company. Allow them to occasionally leave an hour early, and treat them to a gift voucher or a dinner at their favourite restaurant. Lithuanian businesspeople find such an approach quite unusual but foreign-capital firms have already been treating our workers this way for quite a while.

3. Distributing work and setting goals

You must always remain focused on results. That is why you should aspire to set goals and achieve them. A good sales manager distributes work well, assigning particular tasks to those who will complete them in the best and quickest way.

4. Trust and faith

First of all, a manager has to have self-confidence and trust their abilities, but trusting your team members is just as important. Workers need a certain amount of freedom to improve, so manage them but don’t stalk them in every move. A team will perform tasks better when there’s a sense of faith and responsibility entrusted upon them, in turn encouraging them to trust you, as well as facilitating the development of skills and ability to work independently.

Without a good sales manager achieving desired goals is difficult. A suitable manager can motivate a team to achieve good results even if it isn’t the most gifted one. However, a collaboration between a good manager and talented workers is the key to achieving goals and a successful business.

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