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UAB „Socialus marketingas“
A. Žakas

Successfully move forward is possible only then you are working with professionals which you can trust. With buhalterės.lt we are working for three years and have never had any doubts for experience or understanding .We are completely satisfied and happy that we can grow together ,even though we get proposals every week from many competitors.

MB „Esprenda“
R. Yla

Labiausiai džiugina operatyvumas, greitis, greitos konsultacijos ir išsamūs paaiškinimai.

UAB „Dogus“
D. Česnavičius

buhalterės.lt doing their job doing their job honestly, fairly and on time. Extremely grateful I am for our attributed Accountant for answers, advices and good cheer. I recommend this company bravely.

UAB „Vaiduokliai“
V. Šulniūtė

We work with buhalterės.lt for a long time, because they operative  decide all questions if necessary – detailed advice . It also takes care of customers – sends reminders, latest news and asking a customer satisfaction.

UAB „Salvus orbis“, MB „Sveika planeta“
V. Tombak

With accounting services firm buhalterės.lt I communicate almost one and a half years.I could bravely recommend this company to anyone who just ask my advice, and here’s why: A good service – the one who do not overlook, because trust it. The better supplier – Internet , communication , water and electricity – the less you remember about it . Bookkeeping is not different from the other services : the more professional it is, the less noticeable the more reliable. Their job do not see until you do not have any questions. You just know that everything will be done well and on time. And then you have any questions, you will get professional answer in the shortest possible time , without any formalities. Thank you, fellow !

MB „Laboratorija“
L. Merkevičius

Rekomenduoju buhalterės.lt mažoms pradedančioms įmonėms. Greitas įmonės atidarymas, malonus aptarnavimas, kainos pritaikytos mažai įmonei.

MB „Liauksmina“
J. Liauksminas

buhalterės.lt vertinu kaip tikrai šaunų kolektyvą, tikrai puikiai atliekantį visas atsirandančias užduotis. Bendraujant su asmenine mums paskirta įmonės atstove galima atsiliepti tik gerai, nes visi mūsų lūkesčiai patenkinti. Dėkui už gerą darbą.

MB „Baltoji biotechnoligija“
A. Jurys

Jūsų firmos paslaugomis naudojamės ~ 7 mėnesius – tai nėra ilgas laikas. Galiu pasakyti tik tiek, kad į iškilusius klausimus buhalterė Žaneta Stundžienė reaguoja greitai, matosi jog žmogus išmano savo darbą yra paslaugi, klausimus išsprendžia per minimalų laiką. Maloniai bendrauja telefoninių pokalbių metu. Atsakymus pateikia konkrečiai ir aiškiai. Paslaugų kokybė tenkina ir puikiai atitinka mūsų lūkesčius.

UAB „Mistiq“
UAB „Mistiq“
A. Stefanina

We partnership with a company buhalterės.lt for the first year, we can already evaluate their professionalism and dedication for job and the customer . All job done tin time and good quality . Accountant Diana , which directly communicate with us ,is a very good specialist and we can always trust her. We see that our cooperation will continue not only for one years.

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Provide services with a maximum attention to every client.

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The most modern accounting firm that others follow.

Reliable and modern accounting

  • We respond to inquiries on the same workday;
  • We communicate via Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp;
  • We use a CRM, so all accounting tasks are automated;
  • You can choose from several accounting programs;
  • We can sign contracts digitally;
  • You can terminate your contract at any time;
  • We assume full responsibility for our work and have an insurance policy of EUR 10,000;
  • Every month an independent audit company randomly checks two companies that we manage;
  • All of our team members have a university degree.