Oddities From Accounting Work

Odd situations occur in any line of work. A person at the post office demands to deliver a dog to another city, or a customer at the grocery store suddenly starts tasting the product and refuses to buy anything without trying it first. In situations like these, it’s probably best to remind ourselves of the saying “the client is always right”, and work towards reaching a mutual compromise.

Here are a few funny situations from the everyday life at Bonus Socius:

1. One time, a client demanded to establish a company on a particular date and hour, because that was the most favourable moon phase.

2. A client asks the accountant: “If I’m the only employee in my firm and I don’t have a driver’s license, can I still put petrol on expenses?”

3. We wrote out bills to all our clients in Litas but two of them paid the same amounts in Euro.

4. After signing a contract for accounting services, and upon leaving, a client asked: “By the way, what is the price of your services”?

5. A client was trying to come up with a name for his newly established beauty parlour, but most of the names got rejected by either the Centre of Registers or the Language Commission. Here’s how the name progressed: Beauty Studio, Omnis, Amica, Pros, Magister. Final decision – Brush and Scissors.

6. Once, we received an email from a citizen of Armenia, who gives lectures on chess at a university. He was asking to be employed according to his speciality in Lithuania.

7. A client announced that they want to terminate their accounting services contract. When asked about the reasons behind this decision, the client replied: “I’ve bought accounting software”.

8. A call for the accountant from a firm that sells feed for animals: “Can I buy a mattress and a duvet under the company’s name?”

9. A client calls and asks for a commercial proposal. “What’s your email address?” – asks the accountant. “I don’t have one. Mail it through the post.” We did.

10. Accountant calls the State Tax Inspectorate for a consultation. She is told that according to a new law, the president of a private limited liability company cannot do their accounting, even if they have an education in accounting. “Who thought of that?” The Tax Inspectorate replies: “Complain to Graužinienė“.

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