Company’s Address of Registration

When establishing a company, you should prepare for a long process that requires both time and effort. Those who’ve done it before might have a new business up and running in a few days, but if you have no experience in this field, you might run into some bureaucratic obstacles. The company’s address of registration is one of them. A one-time payment will buy you this service from an accounting firm, but if you decide to register your company’s address yourself, learn about the process in advance.

Where Can Your Company Be Registered At?

You can register your company at various types of quarters: living, commercial or other purposes, as long as it has a unique number at the Centre of Registers. The given physical address will be included in the database system of registered companies, and correspondence will be delivered to that address, so it has to be a real place.

Required Documents

Naturally, if a company is being registered at a certain address, the permission of the owner of that property is required. If the owner is a natural person, you will need to provide their notarized written permission. If the property is owned by more than one person, you will need all of them to sign the permission. If the property you are registering your company at belongs to a legal entity, you will require the permission of both the property owner as well as the managing director of that entity. Moreover, you might run into additional difficulties if the property you’ve chosen for registration is pawned by a bank (a loan has been taken out to buy it). In that case, you will also require permission from the bank.

Registering Online

If you’ve decided to establish an enterprise through the internet, notarized documents, or ones verified via a company stamp are considered void. The property owner’s permission has to be verified by an electronic signature. In such a case, you also cannot register your company within property pawned by a bank.

Changing the Address of Registration

If your company’s address is not included in its articles of association, changing it won’t be difficult. The Centre of Registers will need the aforementioned written permission from the property owner, as well as a protocol of the board meeting, in which the decision to change the address was made. If your company was founded before 2010, when the registration address had to be included in the articles of association, the process will be longer. You will need to modify the articles of association, which requires the approval of a full-scale board meeting. The new version of the articles of association has to be notarized and brought to the Centre of Registers.

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