Transport License


  • 299 € + government fee

A transport license is an authorization that certifies the right to a legal/natural person to carry goods or passengers.

Types of licenses:

  • European Union license to transport cargo;
  • European Union license to transport passengers;
  • Domestic license to transport cargo transportation;
  • Domestic license to transport passengers.

For legal entities, these are the required documents:

  • Application;
  • Financial statements that reflect the company’s good financial standing (EUR 9.000 of authorized capital for the first car and EUR 5.000 for every subsequent car) – information about the increase of the authorized capital here;
  • Lease agreement with the carrier’s management center, if the business address of the company does not correspond to the place of business;
  • Documents confirming the flawless reputation of the legal entity and the transport manager;
  • The transport manager‘s data and certificate of professional competence (if you are in need of a transport manager, we can recommend one).

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