Transport License

  • From 349 €
transport licence

A transport license is an authorization that certifies the right of a legal/natural person to carry goods or passengers.

Types of licenses:

  • EU license to transport cargo
  • EU license to transport passengers
  • Domestic license to transport cargo transportation
  • Domestic license to transport passengers

For legal entities, these are the required documents:

  • Application
  • Financial statements that reflect the company’s good financial standing (€9,000 of authorized capital for the first car and €5,000 for every subsequent car) – information about the increase of the authorized capital here;
  • Lease Agreement with the carrier’s management centre, if the business address of the company does not correspond to the place of business
  • Documents confirming the flawless reputation of the legal entity and the transport manager
  • The transport manager‘s data and certificate of professional competence


  • €349 + government fee


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In our company, we try to focus on what helps to make money. Therefore, we do not want to spend time on accounting. We are satisfied with the cooperation with PLC buhalterė, because we have an accountant assigned to us who we can contact at any time and who consults us or deals with the necessary documents. Hiring an accountant wouldn’t be cost effective for us as a start-up company.

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We are the most satisfied with the prompt, expeditious service, quick and detailed consultations.

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Transport License

  • From 349 €
transport licence