Increase in Share Capital


  • starting from 259 €


  • Certificate of registration and valid articles of association (original documents);
  • Securities extraction statements (information on the composition / distribution of shareholders);
  • Document(s) showing changes in the authorized capital;
  • Document(s) showing the quantity, market value, and distribution of new shares;
  • Document(s) showing the amounts of cash contributions from shareholders;
  • Meeting ‘minutes’ from the election of the manager (original document);
  • Personal ID document of the manager;
  • Company stamp (if any);
  • Bank-issued certificate (original document) stating that the money (payment for the shares) has been deposited into a bank account, or a cash receipt;
  • If the authorized capital is increased from the company’s funds, information is required on the amount of the increase of the nominal value of a share.


  • 7-9 working days

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