10 Traits of a Successful Businessperson

Establishing a company is not all that difficult but it is much more challenging to ensure profit and growth. Not everyone finds the secret to success, far from it. In reality what it comes down to, are just a few elementary principles, often undeservedly forgotten by businesspeople.

We present to you 10 conditions, vital for the successful establishment and growth of a business.

1. Enjoy your work

Work has to bring not only financial gain and stability but also personal satisfaction. If you don’t like what you’re doing, it will probably also negatively affect the success of your business.

2. Plan ahead

Detailed business planning includes analysing scientific studies, gathering data, and drawing conclusions from facts. You should analyse various business situations, which teach you not to repeat other peoples’ mistakes and carefully consider future decisions and their profitability.

3. Business image

As soon as you begin work, you must realise that the positive opinion of your business partners and clients is key to achieving success. When negotiating, you can’t lose your temper or allow mood swings to influence the image you’re trying to create. Don’t forget the details, because everything is important from the interior of your office to how presentable are your clothes.

4. Clients come first

Successful businessmen understand that what’s most important is neither the product or service that you sell, nor the cost. Your goal is not to outdo your competitors but to reach and get to know your target audience. After all, whether your business will thrive or be condemned for collapse, is all due to the clients. Provide them with warranties and favourable payment options, hold presentations, prepare adverts, and make use of the internet.

5. Putting technology to use

Today, employing high technology when establishing and developing your business isn’t difficult. Even if your company only has a few employees, your internet website can be just as impressive as one of a multimillion-capital firm. This way, you’re not only creating your business image but also achieving an actual gain.

6. Expert title

When people run into problems, they turn to the most knowledgeable experts in that field. If your sink is broken, you call a plumber, if something hurts, you call a doctor. People should know, that in your field, you are the best. Then you will not only achieve business success but new development opportunities as well.

7. Investing in yourself

Even when they’ve achieved their goals, successful businessmen don’t stop: they read books, journals and other publications on business and marketing and take interest in the advances in technology. They become members of clubs and associations and keep in touch with qualified specialists. Attending training courses, lectures and seminars mean investing in the most efficient business tool of all – yourself.

8. Flexibility

Life is fast these days. Things that used to take days to produce can now be presented to you in a couple of moments. Clients don’t care if you’re busy or you haven’t got time right now, or if satisfying their needs will cost you more than usual. A successful businessperson is always rushing off their feet and you too should learn to be flexible and provide your clients with what they need when they need it.

9. Community Spirit

Integrating into the life of a local community makes businesspeople not only members of that community but also appealing to sellers or potential partners. There are multiple ways to do that: you can help a local charity, organize local events, join clubs and organisations, or perhaps even become involved in local politics.

10. The Ability to Negotiate

This is a character trait, without which developing a business is impossible. Remember, a good negotiation ends in a “win-win” situation. That means that both parties achieve their desired results – both the businessperson and their client, partner or whoever else might have been at the other side of the table.

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