VAT Code for EU Companies


  • 299 € for VAT registration (one-time payment);
  • 100 € for translation of parent company documents into Lithuanian;
  • 42 € per month for VAT declaration preparation and submission to the Tax Authority;
  • 88,5 € per hour for documentation and entry of accounts payable and accounts receivable into accounting software.

We help EU-based companies seeking to do business in Lithuania to obtain a VAT code.

A taxable foreign person is obliged to register as a tax (VAT) payer in Lithuania if at least one of the following are true:

  • They sell goods or provide services that are subject to VAT according to Lithuanian VAT law;
  • They sell goods or provide services to a country which is either an EU member or a territory of the EU (according to Lithuanian VAT law, such goods and services are taxable at 0%).

How it works:

  • We sign a cooperation agreement;
  • You send us original copies of your company registration certificate and power of attorney;
  • We translate the documents into Lithuanian and begin representing your company when communicating with the Tax Authority;
  • We submit a request to register your company as a VAT payer in Lithuania and request a VAT payer’s code;
  • Once a VAT payer’s code is granted for your company, we continue administrating it.

Prices do not include VAT.

For more information contact:

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