Representatives in Lithuania

  • From 138 €
buhalterinių žinių testas, moteris

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Are you planning to start a business in Lithuania? In need of local representatives, secretarial services, or project management for one hour/day/week? We can help with all of your business needs!

Note: These services are available in English and Russian, and to natural, legal persons only.

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  • €137,99/hour

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Email: [email protected].

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I have been working together with the accounting company PLC buhalterė for almost a year and a half. I would really recommend this firm to anyone looking for the services, and here’s why: good service is the one you don’t even notice because you trust it. The better the supplier is, either it’s the internet, communications, water or electricity the less often you have to think about it. Accounting is no different from other services: the more professional it is, the less noticeable and the more reliable it is. You don’t notice their work until you yourself have questions. You just know that everything will be done well and on time. And if a question arises, you will promptly receive a professional and helpful answer which won’t be delayed by needless formalities. Thank you, colleagues!

UAB Salvus orbis, MB Sveika planeta
Dir. V. Tombak

We are the most satisfied with the prompt, expeditious service, quick and detailed consultations.

MB Esprenda
Dir. R. Yla

Representatives in Lithuania

  • From 138 €
buhalterinių žinių testas, moteris