Representatives in Lithuania

  • From 137.99 €
buhalterinių žinių testas, moteris

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Are you planning to start a business in Lithuania? In need of local representatives, secretarial services, or project management for one hour/day/week? We can help with all of your business needs!

Note: These services are available in English and Russian, and to natural, legal persons only.

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  • €137,99/hour

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I can only say that while working with PLC buhalterė we do not have any problems with accounting and other issues related to the tax base. For example, in 2013 the tax office having received incorrect tax reports deducted a considerable amount of money from the company’s account. This was due to the fault of the previous accounting firm, which, incidentally, did not even try to correct its mistake. Then I personally sought help from the manager of PLC buhalterė company Laimis Jančiūnas, who explained everything very clearly, how the company operates, what the requirements are, etc. There wasn’t anything not transparent or superficial, which is typical of some companies providing similar services. Finally, all issues related to the tax office were fully resolved and the deducted payment was reimbursed in full. I would point out that the problem was solved with no hassle, no rush or making lots of phone calls. Everything was done by accountant Diana Mačionienė, to whom I would like to say special thanks. Everything was done very fairly, professionally and smoothly.

UAB Marketspot group
Dir. Z. Khodjaev

I am pleased with the professional accountant (Danutė Svirskaitė) assigned to me, her pleasant communication and phone consultations.

MB Piritas
Dir. G. Krištopaitis

Representatives in Lithuania

  • From 137.99 €
buhalterinių žinių testas, moteris