Payroll Services

  • From 32.99 €


  • Payroll services: €32,99/person
  • Onboarding services: €5,99/person
  • Offboarding services: €11,99/person
  • Calculation of vacation pay: €2,99/person
  • Other additional services: €119,99/hour

We offer standalone payroll services as well as complete accounting and reporting services.

Our standard monthly payroll service includes:

  • Filling in timesheets (based on information provided by the client)
  • Salary calculations
  • Sick leave calculations
  • Tax calculations and reporting
  • Preparation of net payable amounts report (e.g. salaries and taxes payable)
  • Preparation of payslips
  • Calculation of unused vacation accruals

Extra payroll-related services:

  • Administration of employment documentation (e.g. employment contracts, applications, orders, etc.)
  • Preparation of reporting for the Department of Statistics
  • Preparation of salary payments
  • Preparation of additional statutory compliance reports

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All reviews

Everything is super. I would like to give special thanks to the accountant assigned to me (Božena Sliževska): quick and pleasant communication.

MB Digero
Dir. Donatas. D.

We are very pleased to be working with accountant Danute Mendeliene. Great when you can ask all the questions you care about without hesitation and always get a detailed answer! In addition, Danute is a very nice and warm person.

MB TV lingua
Dir. A. Sabaliauskaitė

Payroll Services

  • From 32.99 €