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Documents required:

  • Financial statements at the beginning and end of the liquidation
  • Company incorporation documents: statutes of association/memorandum of association
  • Details of the liquidator
  • Company‘s documents on personnel matters (requests and orders for acceptance/dismissal, employment contracts, salary calculation documents, employment contract registration journal)


  • 4-7 months
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It’s good to know that you have a real team member at your arm’s reach who is always ready to help, advise and answer any questions you may have. PLC buhalterė is a really reliable partner.

Litmus LT, UAB
Dir. E. Lekerauskas

In our company, we try to focus on what helps to make money. Therefore, we do not want to spend time on accounting. We are satisfied with the cooperation with PLC buhalterė, because we have an accountant assigned to us who we can contact at any time and who consults us or deals with the necessary documents. Hiring an accountant wouldn’t be cost effective for us as a start-up company.

Tech bay, UAB
Dir. T. Kildušis


  • From 349 €