• From 349 €

Documents required:

  • Financial statements at the beginning and end of the liquidation
  • Company incorporation documents: statutes of association/memorandum of association
  • Details of the liquidator
  • Company‘s documents on personnel matters (requests and orders for acceptance/dismissal, employment contracts, salary calculation documents, employment contract registration journal)


  • 4-7 months


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We have been working with PLC buhalterė for many years because they are able to promptly resolve all accounting issues and, if necessary, provide detailed consultations. They also take care of customers: send reminders, relevant updates and ask for customer opinions.

UAB Vaiduokliai
Dir. V. Šulniūtė

Everything is super. I would like to give special thanks to the accountant assigned to me (Božena Sliževska): quick and pleasant communication.

MB Digero
Dir. Donatas. D.


  • From 349 €