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Do you have any questions about tax and/or accounting matters? Do you need answers quickly? Do you have doubts about the competence of your accountant or want a second opinion? We would be happy to assist you!

  • Depending upon your specific needs, we could have one consultation or have them frequently
  • The details will be discussed and included in the contract

In addition to tax and accounting consultations, we also provide the following:

  • Assessment, analysis, and objective criticism of business ideas
  • Guidance on the establishment of companies, choice of legal forms, and peculiarities in business models and tax matters

Early registration is obligatory.

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We are the most satisfied with the prompt, expeditious service, quick and detailed consultations.

MB Esprenda
Dir. R. Yla

I am very satisfied with the work of PLC buhalterė team. 10/10. Competent and prompt management, professional and accurate staff. I’ve always got answers to all my queries. I’m happy with the advise on how to handle issues and what to pay my attention at. I feel safe knowing that all will be done well and on time as required. Thanks to the whole team and especially to Diana, Rūta and Laimis!

VŠĮ Camane
Dir. S. Gerdauskas


  • From 119.99 €