Company Name Change

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To change a company name you must:

  • Hold a shareholder’s meeting to officially choose the new name
  • Register the new name with the Register of Legal Entities
  • Announce the new name to the public (in a newspaper or the State Enterprise Centre of Registers, depending upon your company’s statutes)

Required information and documents:

  • The new legal name, so we can register it with the Register Center
  • The statutes and regulations with the previous company name
  • Company registration certificate
  • Manager’s letter of appointment
  • Shareholders’ official decision to change the company name
  • A detailed list of shareholders (members)

We will prepare the necessary documents, complete the State Enterprise Centre of Registers (SECR) forms, and provide updates if there are issues with the name change.

When creating a new company, it is important to choose the right name. It should emphasize the individuality of the company and draw the attention of customers. Legal naming conventions should also be taken into account.

You must check the database of company names to ensure the name you have chosen does not already exist.

Suggestions for choosing a name:

  • It should be simple, easy to pronounce and spell, and original
  • It should evoke positive thoughts or emotions
  • It should reflect your company’s field or activity
  • To avoid confusion, it should not be similar to other trade names or trademarks


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We have been using the services of your company for about 7 months which isn’t a long time. All I can say is that accountant Žaneta Stundžienė replies to all questions without delay, it’s obvious that she knows her work, she is helpful and is able to solve any questions promptly. She has pleasant phone manners. Her answers are specific and clear. We are satisfied with the quality of the services which perfectly meets our expectations.

MB Baltoji biotechnoligija
Dir. A. Jurys

It’s good to know that you have a real team member at your arm’s reach who is always ready to help, advise and answer any questions you may have. PLC buhalterė is a really reliable partner.

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Company Name Change

  • From 259 €