UAB (PLC) / VŠĮ (PI) Accounting

We are a team of professional accountants with 300 years of combined accounting experience. We offer contracts starting from 73,50 € per month (for public limited companies (PLC) and public institutions (PI)) and we send our clients monthly accounting reports based on the number of documents they submit. As such, our fee fluctuates in accordance with our workload. 

The two items that have the greatest impact on the final fee are the number of employees for whom we receive documentation to process (31,50 € per person, per month) and business trip accounting (10,50 € per item). Conversely, the amount of invoices has a low impact on the price. For reference, our average fee for accounting services is ~127 € per month.

You should choose us because we are:


  • We offer free parking near our office;
  • We offer free 2-hour consultations;
  • We offer free contract termination;
  • We offer one (1) free audit per year;
  • We offer free consultations by phone until 19:00 every day, 365 days per year;
  • We offer free debt statements;
  • We provide you with the documents necessary for your company‘s operation.

Reliable and High-Quality

  • Every month an independent audit company randomly checks two companies that we manage;
  • We assume full responsibility for our work and have an insurance policy of EUR 10,000;
  • All of our team members have signed confidentiality agreements;
  • All of our team members have a university degree;
  • We frequently attend seminars to improve our skills and increase our knowledge;
  • We use the “Tax Successor” (Mokesčių Sufleris) system to stay up to date;
  • Since 2016 nearly 1,200 clients have trusted us, including 549 this year (as of 01/10/2020);
  • We have extensive experience with IT, logistics, and construction companies;
  • We are a member of the Lithuanian Association of Accountants and Auditors;
  • We are a member of the Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts;
  • We are laureates of Gazelė 2018;
  • We have 24 positive customer reviews;
  • We are socially responsible (our beneficiaries are listed here);
  • We have a higher customer rating (7.4) on than the average accounting company (4.61);
  • Our clients have gotten permits to work in facilities of national importance because our employees are reliable and meet the highest standards.


  • Our bills are seasonal and diminish automatically if customers have less work;
  • We respond to inquiries on the same workday;
  • We communicate via Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp;
  • We use a CRM, so all accounting tasks are automated;
  • We can sign contracts digitally;
  • You can terminate your contract at any time;
  • We speak Lithuanian, Russian, and English;
  • You can choose from several accounting programs (see below);
  • We work with the client applications B1, Finvalda, Forma, Stekas, Skaita 2000, Optimum, Contour Enterprise, Alga-2000, Agnum, Medinfo, and Proruna, Monet;
  • We can register and administrate VAT codes for EU companies willing to operate in Lithuania.

We also offer payroll accounting and related tax calculation services.

Prices do not include VAT.

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