Basic requirements to become a VAT payer

To become a VAT payer you need to:

  • Prove your business is real by providing:

1) a description of your business activities;

2) the contracts or preliminary contracts with your customers, suppliers, and transportation companies;

3) bank statements;

  • Provide the address of your business (note: it must the actual address, not a “registered address”);
  • Provide a list of your customers and suppliers and the goods and/or services you have purchased from them;
  • Provide a list of your shareholders and partners and specify whether any of them hold shares (stocks) in other companies;
  • Provide any permissions and/or licenses required for your business activities;
  • Specify the number of employees your company intends to employ (note: Joint-stock companies and public enterprises must employ a manager);
  • Explain how the company’s activities will be carried out if the manager is a foreigner or lives in another country.


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