Trademark Registration

  • From 249 €
trademark registration

Newly registered trademarks are usually available for use within about one month from the registration date.

How it works:

  • Within one month, your application will be processed and your trademark will be granted temporary protection
  • Within six months of being granted temporary protection, your trademark will be examined to ensure it meets all guidelines and laws (access to the Trademarks Database is included)
  • Within three months of the examination, the official registration certificate is issued


  • 9 months


  • €249 + taxes

For more information contact:

Rūta Anilionienė, Project Manager, at


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We are very pleased to be working with accountant Danute Mendeliene. Great when you can ask all the questions you care about without hesitation and always get a detailed answer! In addition, Danute is a very nice and warm person.

MB TV lingua
Dir. A. Sabaliauskaitė

We have been working with PLC buhalterė for many years because they are able to promptly resolve all accounting issues and, if necessary, provide detailed consultations. They also take care of customers: send reminders, relevant updates and ask for customer opinions.

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Dir. V. Šulniūtė

Trademark Registration

  • From 249 €
trademark registration