Changing name of the company -

Changing name of the company

To change the company name to be:

  • To make a decision on the company’s name change. Requires shareholders or meeting.
  • By changing the company’s name along amended and approved by the statutes or regulations, which are recorded in the Register of Legal Entities.
  • Before changing the name of the need to announce this to the public (in the newspaper, or the State Enterprise Centre of Registers electronic publication). Company statutes provides notification procedure.

Company name change necessary data and documents:

  • The new legal entity. Register Center will be registered under the temporary name of the company.
  • The old statutes. (Regulations)
  • Company certificate
  • Manager’s appointment document
  • Shareholders’ decision to change the company name.
  • Shareholders (members, shareholders) data.

We will prepare all the necessary documents, fill in all the forms of the JAR, advising the company name change issues.

When creating a new company it is important to choose the right name. It should emphasize the individuality of the company and to draw the attention of customers. When choosing a name should be taken into legislation that sets naming conventions.

Your invented name may not coincide with the other company name or brand, so it needs to check the company name in databases.

Offers choosing a name:

  • The title should be simple, easy to pronounce and spell;
  • The title should be simple, but the original;
  • Translated into other languages, the name should evoke positive values;
  • The name should reflect your company’s field of activity;
  • The name should not be confusingly similar to other trade names and trademarks;


  • Price from around 249 €

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