Payroll Services


  • 31,50 € per person
  • 118,5 € per hour

We offer standalone payroll services as well as complete accounting and reporting services.

Our standard monthly payroll service includes:

  • Filling in timesheets (based on information provided by the client);
  • Reporting onboardings, offboardings, maternity leave, etc. to the Department of Social Insurance;
  • Salary calculations;
  • Sick leave calculations;
  • Tax calculations and reporting;
  • Preparation of net payable amounts report (e.g. salaries and taxes payable);
  • Preparation of payslips;
  • Calculation of unused vacation accruals;
  • Preparation of payroll-related statutory compliance reporting (limit one (1) report per year);
  • Calculation of vacation pay (limit one (1) report per year).

Extra payroll-related services:

  • Administration of employment documentation (e.g. employment contracts, applications, orders, etc.);
  • Preparation of reporting for the Department of Statistics;
  • Preparation of salary payments;
  • Preparation of additional statutory compliance reports;
  • Calculation of additional vacation pay reports.

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